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CD Releases

cdcover.jpg (12141 Byte) Our debut album.
Release Date: 23. November 1998.

Taste the Unreal · Pray · Heal · A Sleeper's Dance · Long Time Ago · Sünde · Eraserhead · Down the Beak · Weatherglassman · Supernormal · Oblivion · Hours

Published by:  Schwarzrock / SPV / Scheintot
SPV CD 085-00152

Contact: Dark Dimensions
Wetzlar Str. 9
35630 Ehringshausen

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Sampler Contributions

2 CD Pack
w/ JABBA (Pray), The Gathering, Liv Kristine, Diamanda Gallas, Dimmu Borgir, In Extremo, Still Patient? and others.

Published by upsolution records, distributed by SPV Gmbh

2 CD Pack
w/ Elektro Nord, Misanthrophe, Dracul, Goethes Erben, JABBA (Sünde) and others.

Published by Nova Tekk Media Distribution

2 CD Pack
w/ Janus, Mother Destruction, Battery, JABBA (Taste the Unreal) and others.

Published by Nova Tekk Media Distribution

w/ Front 242, Wolfsheim, :Wumpscut: VNV Nation, Funker Fogt, JABBA (Hours) and others.

Published by MusicMedia Verlag GmbH
23617 Stockelsdorf

Distributed by SPV GmbH


w/ Mother Destruction, Das Ich, Umbra et Imago, Dreams of Sanity, JABBA (Taste the Unreal) and others.


w/ Secret Discovery, Aurora Sutra, Elbern, Escape with Romeo,Catastrophe Ballet, JABBA (Desert Places) and others.

Published by Sound Factory
Viktoriastr. 75
44787 Bochum

Distributed by Rough Trade Distribution


w/ Stoned Orange, Subterraneans, Crowd-In, Hydrotoxin and JABBA

Published by Rockbüro Braunschweig
Nimesstr. 2
38100 Brauschweig


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Tape Releases

Our 1st Demo Tape.
We've sold more than 400 copies!
Release Date: April 1995

· Blinded
· Torn Apart
· That Mask
· Every Day

· deleted

Our 3rd Demo Tape.
Release Date: April 1997

· Long Time Ago
· Supernormal
· Weatherglassman (new version)
· Desert Places (new version)
· I Will

· deleted


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